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Cardiovascular Disease

Developing cardiovascular disease can be a challenge to avoidable—factors out of your control include your age or family history. But, whether you’re already living with cardiovascular disease, or making lifestyle changes to avoid it, there are many factors under your control. Dr. Khoury guides you to your best health outcome.

Vascular Disease

When a build-up of hard plaque develops in the arteries and veins you can experience interference with blood flow. That can lead to organ and tissue damage. Peripheral vascular disease can limit athletic function and also normal, day-to-day activities. Working with Dr. Khoury for an early diagnosis is critical and can help reduce the risk of complications.

Abnormal heart rhythms

The heart’s normal rhythm can be impacted when it’s electrical system malfunctions. That can lead to a heart that beats too fast, too slow, irregularly, or not at all. This type of dysfunction is referred to as cardiac. Any abnormality of the electrical cycle within the heart that generates an abnormal beat, whether it is too fast, too slow, skipped, or irregular is also referred to as a “dysrhythmia”. Dr. Khoury diagnosis and treats this condition.


Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is often a chronic medical condition where pressure or tension in the arteries is elevated. Sometimes it is referred to as the "silent disease" as a patient can have little or no symptoms which means the condition can go undetected for years. That can lead to damage of your tissues and vital organs. Dr. Khoury specializes in the management of hypertension.


Cholesterol is a waxy substance found naturally in your blood. Your body makes cholesterol and uses it to do important things, like making hormones and digesting fatty foods. But, if you have too much cholesterol in your body, it can build up inside your blood vessels and make it hard for blood to flow through them. Over time, this can lead to heart disease and heart attack or stroke.


Dr. Khoury offers evaluation and treatment to prevent cardiovascular disease, and to provide expert care when you are diagnosed with premature or aggressive cardiovascular disease. He works to diagnose complex or persistent lipid problems, and to help reduce the risk of future cardiovascular events through lifestyle guidance and medical treatment.

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It’s your heart: personally cared for with a treatment plan
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Dr. Leon Khoury

Raised in Columbia, with more than 25 years of medical service, Dr. Leon Khoury is now accepting new patients who appreciate a more personal style of practice with more time to develop a true relationship with a trusted heart physician. With privileges at several major Columbia-area hospitals, Dr. Khoury has access to a wide-variety of private and hospital testing services to provide individualized care for each patient.

“Our practice is designed for patients who desire a more personal approach to their healthcare where the physician knows them and follows them through each step of their lives. Khoury Cardiology is a private practice which allows for the highest standard of care, a difference our patients appreciate. I invite you to experience the benefits of private cardiology care when you make your appointment with Khoury Cardiology. ” -Leon J. Khoury Jr., M.D. FACC

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Currently Accepting New Patients

Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance policies accepted